05 April, 2006

Hudson Detective Agency

Well well well, Jon's been solving some crime of the century over on his blog, leaving me with little to do around here.

Well that's OK, though, because you and Jon may not know it, but I am a master detective in my own right. Check this out:

Yep so I've got a pretty nice caseload to choose from. I am not sure where to begin.

Case 1: Which individual is responsible for allowing the canines a point of egress?

Case 2: Which individual perpetrated the unauthorized removal of a small, flat, sweetened snack containing chocolate chips from its standard confinement container?

Case 3: Which individual is responsible for the misappropriation of the (typically) Christian holiday celebrated on December 25?

Case 4: For what reason would female waitpersons, employed at certain eating facilities, consistently refer to you as a sweet yellowish or brownish viscid fluid produced by various bees from the nectar of flowers and used as food?

So there are my four choices, which case should I take?

Which case should Hudson take?
Who let the dogs out?
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar
Who stole Christmas?
Why do waitresses at diners always call you "honey?"
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At 5/4/06 20:11, Blogger JawaJuice said...


Dude...you got too much time on your hands. But I like it.

At 5/4/06 20:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well kiss my grits!!!

At 6/4/06 18:44, Blogger Professor Xavier said...

That is so great to see that you are finally ready to start out on your own. Are you going to change your name to Nightwing now?

At 9/4/06 08:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should investigate the case of the sock monster

I am sure Jon and his wife would appreciate this ...

Hotstuff always goes to bed with two socks...

Either he gets up with out any socks and when I make his bed I find only one in his bed or he gets up with one sock and I find none in his bed

also 1 pair of socks go in the dryer only 1 sock comes out...

so now I have a large basket of mismatch socks without mates

I think you should find out who the sock monster is that steals only one sock of every kid when they are sleeping...

At 9/4/06 08:09, Anonymous The Sock Monster said...

*steals Private Hudson's sock while he is sleeping *


At 9/4/06 18:45, Anonymous Mankind said...

My nemisis the sock monster has returned You shall face my mandible claw!!!!!!

At 10/4/06 15:13, Blogger Magneto said...

The sock monster looks kind of like Elmo after he's been out on a bender all night.


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