07 July, 2006

Well, Magdelena kind of ruined the surprise over at Last Gladiator Standing, but I have a new book coming out, published by Sinewco Publishing House. A few advanced copies got out to some nice old ladies at the bingo parlor, you know to get the buzz going, get people on the street talking about it. My buddy Jon got one, too. I don't know if he's actually read it or not, though.

So anyway, there I was at the Book, Bath and Beyond signing copies for all my fans and this punk comes strutting up to me acting all tough and says "Ha ha, the women who loved you? What is it, a bunch of blank pages?"

I was so mad, I jumped up right there and yelled "Shut up you punk kid! If your dad wasn't here, I'd kick your ass! I'm gonna find where you live and napalm your bedroom!"

That showed him.


At 7/7/06 14:36, Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Remember, we are not judged by how many people we love, but rather by how many women we are loved.

At 7/7/06 22:56, Blogger Bulma said...

I'd better not be in that book Hudson!

At 7/7/06 22:58, Blogger Son Goku said...

Remember stay away from the beyond Section of that store I learned that the hard way!

At 11/7/06 23:10, Blogger SHI said...

you know you should stay away from Laura or Logan might get cranky

At 12/7/06 00:19, Blogger Magdalena said...

sorry didnt know it was a secret


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