17 January, 2006

Good Hudson vs. Evil Hudson

Continued from here.

Evil Hudson and I squared off against one another and fired our weapons.

The walls behind us erupted from the gunfire, steam pipes ruptured, windows shattered, but neither of us fell down. We both fired again, but for some reason we both completely missed each other again. I guess deep down in my brain, I just couldn't shoot a guy as handsome as that.

We charged each other and swung our fists. Our fists collided.

"Oww!" we cried out in unison.

We swung again. This time, I connected with his jaw and he with mine.

"Yoww!" we both howled as we stumbled back.

"Hey Hudson," he mocked. "Have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

"No, have you?" I retorted. That'll show him.

We grabbed each other by the throats and started spinning around the room. Neither he nor I could get an advantage. It was as if he was an exact Mirror Universe duplicate of me.

We pushed each other away.

"Game over for you, pal!" we said to each other at the same time.

"Nuh uh," I said. "It's game over for you."

"No way, man," he responded. "Game over for you!"

We both kicked and hit each other's kicking leg. We swung again and missed.

I had to think of something, we were too evenly matched.

While swinging and dodging, I had an idea. I know the H-Man is all about the ladies, so I figure that I know what an evil version of myself would be like. We wrapped up again and I held him close to me and kissed him full on the lips.

Evil Hudson gagged and pulled back.

"I love you, Evil Hudson," I said.

"Oh man, that's sick!" he spat. "Queering doesn't make the universe work!"

He pushed back away from me and stumbled into the hot steam from a ruptured pipe.

He screamed in pain and stumbled away.


At 17/1/06 07:30, Blogger Son Goku said...

I think you neeed therepy, at least we know you love your self

At 17/1/06 11:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm I agree son goku therepy

I know just the person lol :P

At 17/1/06 19:52, Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

very clever idea, Hudson. I'm impressed that you knew that your kiss would drive him back into the steam, all to avoid your lip lock.


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