12 January, 2006

Challenge #3, Part 2, Taking up the good fight

So there I was, man, in the cockpit of Jon's ship the Danger Sled. I was itching for some action, but we were waiting in the launchbay of another ship ready to be fired at Planet Hel -- where the evil portal was sitting. I was all strapped in and I couldn't get up to do push ups or nothin'.

Jon was yappin' away with the technomage. I have no idea what that guy does, but he seems weird, man. Something about his character class I guess. I'm not into magic at all and I was never much for science, so mixing the two seems too far out there to me. I'm not prejudiced or nothing, I just prefer the company of the fighter classes, like Valkyrie, Paladin and Colonial Marine, you know?

We got the signal, Jon shouts "Time to rock!" and we launch.

Wooooo! This has got to the fastest launch that I've ever been in.

"We're on an express elevator to Hel, going down!"


At 12/1/06 13:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are excited (you couldnt read the magazine I gave you either?)

Should of brought a game of battle ship lol

At 14/1/06 19:54, Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Hudson v. Evil Hudson. Time to stop your grinnin' and grab your linen. Too bad you can't just play pong against each other for the fate of the galaxy. A battle to the death can be rather finally.


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