17 August, 2006

Bugs, bugs everywhere

I was explaining LV-426 to Vampirella and Trunks. It was horrible. We were surrounded by the most horrrible, horrific, horrifying terror that you could imagine. The LT was down, the Sarge was down, most of the squad was down and Corporal Hicks was in charge. We were holed up in one of the rooms when hundreds of Xenomorphs rushed us.

"How did you survive, William?" Vampirella asked. Normally, I would've loved it if she called me "William," but not right now.

"There was an explosion," I answered. "Sounded like, nah it was an M41A, I heard the rounds and the grenade launcher, I was able to get free, the aliens were running to the sound. Who ever it was... there was nothing I could do. Everything was exploding… I tried to get to the ship, hoping Bishop had succeeded but I was cut off... I knew I was running out of time… It was about to be game over… Then I got lucky, a small ship, one man, escape pod type… A real piece of crap, I took off man… The planet went BOOM and I thought game over man but I was picked up and rescued..."

I kept talking, but I'm not sure if I told the truth. I'm not sure if I even know the truth. All I know is that it was the single most horrifying experience in my life and I relive it every night in my dreams.

We got to the planet and I could tell they were there. I could smell 'em, and they were waiting. I wanted to get out and stomp every single last one of them for what they did to me, but I couldn't move a muscle. Vampirella and Trunks quickly got off the ship. Trunks is full of three things: bluster, bravado, and himself. He's like all the bullies that I've met in my time except for one thing, he's got the powers to back up his mouth. I hope so, he is about to encounter the bugs.

"Hudson," Vampirella called. "Are you coming?"

"Uh, yeah sure," I answered. "Uh... the ship..." I said something else, I don't remember. I couldn't move.

"Moron," Trunks sneered.

"At least I'm not named after a swimsuit," I growled back under my breath. I don't think he heard me, though. I may have to shoot him when this is all over.


At 19/8/06 04:53, Blogger Mirai Trunks said...

Bully? I think you have me confused with my dad.

At 19/8/06 11:05, Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Why wait until it's over?

At 20/8/06 11:51, Blogger SHI said...


At 20/8/06 14:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you mean you have never seen one like that?

At 21/8/06 13:41, Blogger Private Hudson said...

I mean that I've never seen a bug like that before.


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