30 May, 2006

Not Last Gladiator Standing

As everyone now sees, I am not competing in Last Gladiator Standing. Jon begged me to participate, he said "Hudson, pal," he said. "Last Gladiator Standing needs real superstars. Not these watered down wanna-be's like some old starship captain or faceless clone. We need you Hudson."

"I just can't do it," I answered. "It wouldn't be fair to anyone else at all."

"How so?" asked Jon with a puzzled look on his face.

"Because, Jon, I would simply beat everyone at every challenge. Hands down. End of story. Game over."

"I remain skeptical," Jon harrumphed skeptically. "What would make you the Last Gladiator Standing?"

"Because I am a gladiator."


"Well not in name, title, or recognized by any intergalactic gladiating governing body, or even by the general public, but the blood of the gladiator runs deep in my veins."


"Trace my lineage back," I insisted. "You'll see plenty of gladiators..."

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